39 Illustrated instruction cards Breaststroke, Crawl or Backstroke


Cut, laminate and take along!

This books contains:

  • Instructions for Use
  • Theory lesson
  • 7 pages “Description of movements” – the child learns the breaststroke technique in 7 steps. The movements are illustrated in drawings and can be applied more easily in the water.
  • 42 pages “Breaststroke drills” starting from the easiest exercise to complete breaststroke. The simple illustrations make the instructions unmistakably clear. The drill cards describe the pros and cons of each drill, as well as drill variants where appropriate as a reference for the teacher or trainer.
  • 8 pages “Detection and correction of mistakes”: List of the most common mistakes in these swimming styles, plus suggestions for correcting the mistakes.
  • 8 pages “Competitive swimming”: Start – false start – turn: Manual for teachers, trainers and children participating in a competition for the first time.
    Total: 39 cards (69 color pages)

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