Paperback: How Jenny stopped being scared of water

Jenny is sure that she will never learn to swim. She just can’t imagine anything worse than putting her head underwater. But she would still love to try the new slide at the swimming pool! Except she didn’t even like the few drops of water that splashed her face, when she was just watching people on the slide.
Jenny is not very happy at all when her mum puts her down for swimming lessons.

A story about how a scared little bunny turns into a real water baby.

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Page 12: The slide At last we are ready: We go to the new waterslide together. The queue is already quite big.
“So, who wants to come on the slide with me then?” asks Daddy eagerly.
“Me!” shouts Max quickly.
I hesitate. Mummy sees this and smiles. “I’ll just watch for a minute and check that you come down ok first. Do you want to stay with me, Jenny?”
I just nod, glad that I don’t have to go on the slide yet.

Page 17: Bad news The next day I am in the garden playing with my friend Anna from nursery. Anna’s mummy is there too and is having coffee with my Mummy. They have a chat, whilst we build a big castle in the sandpit.
“Jenny, Anna!” calls Mummy all of a sudden. “We have signed you two up for swimming lessons!”
Anna is delighted and starts jumping around. “Yay!” she shouts.

Page 24-25: It’s good fun! “Let’s have a look at how we can use our legs even better,” says Pearl. We sit down next to each other on the step. Pearl is standing in front of us. “Use your feet to splash me!”
We laugh and thrash about so much that water goes everywhere. My waves are the biggest. I get a few drops on my face, but it’s not too bad. Our swimming teacher looks like a soggy dog afterwards.
Pearl wipes the water out of her eyes. “And now do the same thing again, but without splashing this time.“ She holds her arms out in front of her and moves her hands up and down gently. I try to copy her using my feet and it’s quite easy.

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